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October 2018


Greetings Friends,

Harvest season is upon us. Such a season recalls to mind the old saying, “you reap what you sow”. Thus, as rituals and practices, as discussed in last month's newsletter, are becoming normalized, if you've stuck with them that is, I'm wondering if you're perhaps beginning to harvest the results of rest. Are you feeling more rested? Are you feeling more connected, or in touch, with not just yourself, but with God as well as others around you?

You see, I realized it's not just about the seed planting. It's not just about making the changes and expecting or even waiting for the results to turn up. It's about going back to where the seed was planted, examining the crop to determine that it is ready to be harvested, and then going out and actually doing the harvesting work. There's so MUCH y’all are teaching me.

Even as an American culture, parts of it at least, we talk ad nauseum about the newest cure-all or diet or any other fad you can think of. We're told, effectively, to plant this new seed of whatever change we're going to make and watch the results come back almost instantaneously! There are a couple of things wrong with this. One, you all know that seeds don't grow that quickly. I heard you all talking about planting and hoping about 5 months ago! Two, while the waiting might be mentioned, and I think I was aware that you have to be patient to see results, even I did not see, until now, the reality of the harvest. There's work required in making changes so as to see real rest, or whatever other changes you might need.

I still am uncertain as to what real rest is but, I know that it is more than sitting around doing nothing, and I know that it is more than taking an extra nap or two. I think it has something to do with being the best version of yourself. Getting closer and closer to who it is that God actually made you to be. There are lots of activities that one can engage in, seed planting, to go about trying to discover more about yourself and who God made you to be. But eventually, those activities have to be harvested and cultivated so that who you actually are can be realized. There's more work yet to be done than just changing a few routines or schedules.

So, thank you all in your unrelenting generosity of time, resources and opportunities to see what it is that you all do. I am blessed by God to see the analogies just continually work their way to the surface as you all continue to do exactly what you do. Grace and peace to you all.

In His Service,

Pastor Eddie



Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

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