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March 2018

Greetings Friends,

As many of you know, I just spent the last weekend in Virginia where my family and I spent 7 years of our life in service to a congregation there. Wouldn't you know it, but they were having a windstorm too! The winds were not as powerful as what we have been experiencing here, but they were powerful nonetheless. In fact, two doors down from our friends house where we were staying, the wind snapped a tree and took the people's gutter clean off. It just barely missed doing more damage and, basically, just scraped the entire front of their house.

Upon returning home and driving from Omaha to Lex (and watching my gas mileage turn to complete garbage while driving directly into that eastbound wind) I noticed a couple of things. First off, I noticed how much stronger the winds were here in Nebraska. Nothing too stunning about that. However the second thing I noticed was that despite the much stronger winds, there was a minimal amount of stuff and debris flying through the air. I especially noticed the trees since it was a tree that fell in Virginia.

The trees here in Nebraska moved and swayed with the wind. They were not snapped or broken by the wind. This suggests two things to me for your consideration. First, the deep rootedness of the trees. Where or from whom do your roots tap? Secondly, the movement of the trees. When the winds of life come, do you find yourself moving and swaying with them? Or in danger of breaking? Finding our own origin, our own rootedness in the person of Jesus equips us to be able to move and flow with the winds of change that life throws at us. Being rooted does not mean that we “stand tall” and resist change at all costs. Being rooted means that, when the winds come, we bend and flex precisely because we are still connected to that life giving source of nourishment; we can give a little because the deep roots we have grown in Jesus reveal to us that no matter what we choose, God has already chosen grace and mercy.

Lent reminds us that our goal is to get in sync with God’s program for redemption, not our own. Jesus lived, died, resurrected and ascended. That’s the master plan. Living into such radical grace and mercy is what we are attempting to sync with. Lord, have mercy; Christ, have mercy.

In His Service,

Pastor Eddie

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

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