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May 2018

Greetings Friends,

For this month's reflection I am able to positively report that it is actually warm outside! The temperature has gone up and it feels like what I am used to. I am reflecting and, in addition to this, our community has recently gone through quite the cold, bitter season of loss. Thus, as the world around us slowly emerges from the cold and dark, so too must our congregation do the same. The question is, how?

Nature has built in systems which, throughout the millennia of their existence, have continued to be honed and shaped to provide the highest probability of viability. What kind of systems and structures have we built into our own lives to emerge from the cold and dark of separation from the ones we love? What systems and structures have we built into our own lives to remain viable?

I hope and pray that this church community has been a part of your structures upon which you lean and depend for your viability. If that is the case and has been your experience, please share that with me! I'd love to hear your story. Your stories will then provide inspiration to others for how we can then make this community not just a structure upon each of us leans and depends for our viability, but also a structure upon which others can lean on and depend upon for their viability as well. In doing so, slowly but surely, there is no “us” and “them” but simply, the Church.

One group I’d particularly like to commend is our deacons here at First Pres. They are tireless in their love and care for this community in sickness, health and loss. Watching them rally the entire congregation, and the congregation's wonderful response, to care for our members who lost loved ones, on top of the weekly visitation that was still maintained, was inspiring and beautiful. From in-home visitation gently seeking out menu items and various special items, like pies, that might be appreciated to weekly snacks and treats, bulletins and CD’s that are faithfully brought to homebound parishioners the deacons provide an awesome minis-try that ends up changing them and impacting them more than it does the people they visit with.

Grace and peace to you all and I look forward to seeing all of you both in church and just around.

In His Service,
Pastor Eddie

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

Pastor Eddie and his wife Sarah with their children, Emma, Layla, and Noah.

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